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The Discount Penis Extenders website is dedicated to providing readers with information about the various penis extenders and stretching device currently on the market, and to provide discount options for the buyers of these products.

What is a penis extender, stretching, traction device?

Penis extenders (or stretchers) are traction devices that subject the penis to a constant stretching force. The force of the traction causes the cells in the penis to multiply increasing the tissue mass in the penis. It is the same principle used by some tribal cultures to increase the size of their lobes, lips, and even the length of their necks!

Are penis stretching traction devices safe to use?

Penis extenders are perfectly safe so long as you follow the manufacturers directions and don’t over extend yourself.

What kind of results can be expected by using a penis stretching traction device?

You will achieve an increase in the size of you penis regardless of penis’ size when you begin using an extender.

Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions. Many users of penis extenders have reported gaining from one to three inches!

By using a penis extender you can expect to see you penis become longer and thicker, and have greater blood circulation, which in turn will give you greater pleasure and more sensitivity!

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